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From Atlanta

The following newsletter was written in an airport while waiting for a flight home to San Diego.

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Can you believe that our loving Lord has used us to give 17 pastor’s seminars in less than one year and to speak to more than 40,000 people about prayer and revival?

We have just returned from a very fruitful week-long trip to Western North Carolina.

Not only did Judy and I gain needed rest, but we spoke to nearly 40 Hispanic pastors at Fruitland Bible Institute, preached in a Hispanic Church, and had the blessing of renewing friendship with old friends.

One dear friend from years past, Kaye Dunn Robinson gave us permission to translate some of Ron Dunn’s sermons into Spanish and to distribute them throughout Latin America. Ron was one of three men who have had the greatest influence on my spiritual life. We were members of his church in Irving, Texas and he was a member of our CSC Board. We made an unforgettable trip to Costa Rica in the seventies. Even though he is in the presence of the Lord, his preaching ministry continues to have an impact through his recorded messages (Lifestyle Ministries Inc.)

A major reason for the trip to North Carolina was to spend time with Dr. Bob Doom, whom many consider the foremost authority on historical revivals. We believe God is about to begin a revival in Latin America and our lengthy conversation with Dr Doom was very rewarding.

One of the three countries in Latin America where we have seen evidences of the beginning signs of a true Holy Spirit led revival is Guatemala. For this reason we will have 6 pastor’s seminars throughout that country during the first half of April.

Leaders in Venezuela continue to plead with us to meet with them to develop a strategy to reach all of their country with the message of prayer and revival. Venezuela is one of the three countries where we believe revival can begin (the other two are Guatemala and Peru). Airfare to Venezuela is prohibitive and we are waiting until we can designate monies to make that trip.

For nine months I have had to hold a heavy microphone during our 4 to 5 hour long seminars. Last week we received a wireless microphone from a very dear friend who had prayed about our need for some time. You cannot believe how great it will be to have a small microphone hanging over my ear, allowing me to rest my arms and walk around, avoiding frequent muscle cramps.

On this Easter weekend our partner in ministry, Rigoberto Vega, will hold an evangelistic crusade in a city that adjoins some of the more active beaches in Costa Rica. They anticipate at least 2,000 in the soccer stadium for each of the three nightly services. Rigo has needed a portable video projector for some time. He has to rent a poor quality projector that does not adequately do the job. We have located one for $970.00 wholesale. Each month this year, Rigo will hold two crusades, and a good video projector would help him tremendously. Please pray about helping us purchase a projector for his crusades.

Prayer Requests

When creating your posts you can:

  • Rigo’s Easter campaign in Parrita, Costa Rica

  • Our six seminars in Guatemala the first weeks of April

  • For health and energy to fulfill the call on our lives in Latin America!

  • That god will send revival to a country that will spread through out all of Latin America.

  • Pray that he will provide necessary funds for the trip to Venezuela and for the video projector for Rigo’s campaigns.


Charles and Judy Moore

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