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Guatemala and El Salvador - 2008

This was a trip of all trips. We saw God’s hand of mercy and grace rest on us in ways we have never before seen. We were in Guatemala for two weeks and El Salvador for four days and were used of our gracious Lord like we have never been used before.

We were blessed of the Lord

  • Led two cab drivers to Christ, and almost saw our helicopter pilot come to Christ.

  • In a church in San Salvador we saw 11 people come forward to accept Christ.

  • Held 3 Pastors Seminars (3,100 total attendance) in two countries.

  • Two pastors rode a bus a total of 24-hours to attend one seminar

  • A doctor and a certified translator accidentally found themselves in our seminar, and days later told Ken that they had not stopped talking about it and were in the process of arranging for us to speak in their 13,000-17,000 member church.

  • In one seminar, with more than a thousand in attendance, I spoke three and half hours without stopping and no one moved or left (did not go to sleep either).It was amazing that in each seminar all were anxious to hear God's word about prayer and revival. These were special Christians who want to see revival come to their country. How I wish many Americans had the desire to see God's presence come over our nation.

  • Preached in 5 churches (two were Mayan Quiché)

  • Held a prayer meeting for the staff of a computer company whose owner has a ministry to the gangs in Guatemala City.

  • Spoke to more than 12,000 combined (seminars and churches) and who knows how many on Television

  • We now have recorded one of our most powerful seminars to date, and it is presently being edited so we can reproduce it and distribute it to thousands of pastors throughout Latin America.

  • The 5 television messages will be duplicated and shipped to Spanish-speaking T. V. Stations throughout the world.

  • In San Salvador, El Salvador, we had a 1-hour TV interview on prayer and revival that has already been seen in more than 17 countries throughout Latin-America (on an international Christian television network).

We believe that God, for the first-time in recorded history is going to send true revival to one or more countries in Latin-America, which will then spread throughout the Spanish speaking world. In a previous newsletter, I shared that I believe there are 3 countries where this Revival could begin: Guatemala, Venezuela and Peru. Because of this strong belief, we will spend much of our time in the next months in these three countries.

Two pastors from the largest church in Honduras attended our largest seminar in Guatemala, and were quoted as saying, “We have never been more blessed in a Seminar.” In the first weeks of March we expect to hold a large seminar in San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa, Honduras and one for the whole state of Peten, Guatemala.

The President of our small, non-profit organization, Ken McGovern, who spent 12 days with us on this trip, said, "To win Latin America to Christ we must see revival in individuals, churches and in entire countries". Ken heard our team member Rigoberto preach a powerful message in San Salvador. We continue to be extremely grateful to God for these two men who mean so much to us personally and to our ministry.

  • God blessed Judy and me by giving us many lasting Christian friendships, not only in the churches, but also in our hotels, in restaurants and with one special cab driver. There were so many who blessed us beyond anything you could expect. Let me list some of the ways they blessed us.

  • One dear Christian friend took off her beautiful Ruana and gave it to Judy as a gift because Judy was cold.

  • The five days we were “live” on television were days when everyone treated us like we were their parents. Their love was contagious. More than thirty young professionals saw to our every need and on the last day there were many tears as we said good-bye.

  • We held a 3-hour seminar after 5 hours of shear agony and pain riding over a rough rode to Quezaltenango (in the north of Guatemala). Our dear brother Benjamin Orozco recognized my 8- level pain and called another of our dear brothers in Guatemala, asking him to find a way to avoid us enduring the painful return trip by car. That night my crying out from pain woke me up. The next morning we were told that a helicopter would pick us up and fly us back to the city. You cannot believe my physical condition, nor can anyone comprehend how much relief and love straight from the Lord we experienced as we gently flew down the mountain.

  • God has given us many Christian friends in many places, but on this trip, He brought a Guatemalan Pastor, Luis Fernando Solares and his wife Marta into our lives, who we will always love and together have a oneness in the Lord.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving for how God used us on this trip and for the way He has begun the healing and complete recovery of our son James.

  • Please pray for Rigoberto and his two evangelistic crusades this month, in two remote districts of Costa Rica.

  • Please pray that during the month of February, while I am in the states, God will open the door for me to give one of our Seminars in English to a group of pastors or a church. My heart hurts for my country and its need for another revival or another "great spiritual awakening".

  • Please pray that God will develop solid financial support for us to be able to plan strategically, rather than based on our ability to finance a trip. We have many opportunities and we cannot respond because of lack of funds.

Again, please know that Judy and I do not receive a salary or any funds for personal use, we live happily on our Social Security. Every penny you send is used in ministry. We are grateful to those of you who have so generously given to pay our travel and seminar expenses.

Thank you for interceding before our loving Father on our behalf, and know that God blessed and used us on this trip because of your intercession.

Our Love in the Lord, to each of you,

Charles and Judy Moore

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